OMS. Measurement kit for outdoor noise

  • System includes rechargeable battery, for continuous sampling up to 1 continuous week (depends on configuration)
  • It allows making noise measurements outdoors with sound level meters from the Sound Pro series.
  • Briefcase protects the sound level meter and its accessories, exposing only the pole with the microphone.
  • Briefcase can be secured with padlocks.
  • For more information, see the Sound Pro sound level meter specification sheet.

Noise Dosimeters

  • Personal noise dosimeters, Noise Pro and EDGE series allow you to monitor noise exposure. They have up to 2 or 3 independent dosimeters in one, which allow measurements based on different standards
  • Menu option in multiple languages, including Spanish
  • Memory for data storage
  • Data analysis and reporting with optional QSPro II and DMS software
    With pendant microphone or wireless microphone
  • For more details see specification sheets