Beta attenuation monitoring

PM10, PM2.5 Thermo 5014i

Attenuation Monitor Beta PM10, PM2.5 Thermo 5014i

Thermo Scientific Brand Model 5014i Beta Attenuation PM10 or PM2.5 Particulate Matter Monitor Automatic operation with minimal operator attention requirements. The only beta attenuation monitor on the market that measures continuously and in real time, without data gaps or excessive filter tape. It measures the radiation produced by Radon gas, which exists naturally in the environment, and subtracts this value from the measurement, in order to eliminate this interference. Internal datalogger that allows to store a year of 30-minute averages. Includes external calibration check kit, PM10 head and PM2.5 VSCCC cyclone with heated tube 2 meters above roof level (according to EPA standard).

EPA Approval Code For PM10 EQPM-1102-150.

EPA Approval Code For PM2.5 EQPM-0609-183.

Automatic analyzers particulate matter

Automatic analyzers of particulate matter and gases in air quality

Analyzers Air quality monitoring: Automatic Analyzers provides comprehensive solutions for your air quality monitoring needs, both in emissions and immissions. we offer the most suitable solution either for the supply of a single analyzer or for the installation and commissioning of a complete surveillance network. We offer analyzers for monitoring CO, NOx, SO2.03, Btex.

Continuous particulate matter analyzer: Continuous particulate monitor, PM10, PM 2.5, PM 1 and TSP, by oscillating element technology. It is based on the direct measurement of the masses, so it is not subject to the uncertainties in measurement, which occurs with other technologies. Ideal for air quality monitoring networks, indoor air quality assessment, and remediation projects, among others.