ETS-LINDGREN offers solutions to detect, measure, isolate and control the energy of electric, magnetic and acoustic fields. In the area of ​​environmental monitoring, it has various probes for measuring electric and magnetic fields in a wide range of frequencies.

The HI3604 probe allows to measure electric and magnetic fields in high voltage 50 / 60Hz lines. Likewise, for field measurement in the RF microwave range, there is a variety of probes and equipment for monitoring either continuously or seasonally.

Additional information HI3604:

Probe for measurement of electric and magnetic fields associated with 50/60 Hz high voltage lines.
LCD display, Dielectric handle, Dielectric tripod option
Frequency range: 30-2000Hz
Dynamic range: 0.2mG-20G (magnetic fields)
1 V / m- 200kV / m (electric fields)

Additional RF Microwaves information:

HI-6100 field monitor
Electric field monitoring system
Visualization, Control and communication with up to 4 probes of the HI series.
Accepts combination of battery or laser powered probes
LCD color display
Various connection options: USB, RS232, IEEE-488