Thermal Stress Monitors

The heat stress monitors of the QUESTemp series allow you to measure and analyze the exposure levels related to the heat stress that exists in a given environment. They perform the calculation of the TGBH index value. The use of an air probe (additional accessory) allows the calculation of the PMV and PPD thermal comfort indices. They have advanced functions for generating reports, downloading the data through a PC. Some models are certified for intrinsic safety.

  • Internal memory for storage of temperature and humidity data, at different time intervals
  • Multi-language display (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • Real time clock
    Indicator of the residence time according to different standards
  • Optional remote sensor bar for simultaneous monitoring of up to three areas
  • Non-water wet bulb sensor option (Models 44/46748)
  • Long battery life.
  • IP54 rating

3M EVM Series Monitor

  • Integrating meters for noise measurement with a choice of octave and third octave band filters, for real time analysis.
  • Type 1 and type 2 microphones.
  • LCD screen with menu in several languages, including Spanish. Selection of measurement ranges, weighting frequencies, exchange rates and response times, among others.
  • Memory option for storage of summary data and measurement history. Software for analysis of results and generation of reports. Integration in system for environmental monitoring.
  • Integrating sound level meters, with memory for data storage.
  • Model SE stores measurement summary (SPL, SPL max, SPL min, average SPL, peak SPL, TWA, among others), the DL model also stores measurement history.
  • Reverb options, speech recognition and acoustic spectrum curves, and real-time analysis with frequency filters.
  • LCD screen with Spanish language option.
  • Various programming functions

Quality monitors indoor air TSI

Multifunctional equipment, with the capacity to make various measurements, given the possibility of exchanging probes. Specialized for continuous monitoring systems for the quantity and size of particles, measurement of air flow, pressure differential, laminar flow, ventilation capacity, flow with simultaneous measurement of CO, CO2 and relative humidity among others. Some of the applications include indoor air quality, thermal comfort studies, ventilation, clean room evaluation.

9565 TSI Multifunctional Ventilation Meter, VelociCalc
Capable of measuring air flow rate, temperature, relative humidity, volatile organic vapors (VOC) and CO2.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The display shows up to 5 parameters simultaneously.
  • Best in class for accuracy in air velocity measurement
  • Various storage formats
  • Communication via Bluetooth for remote data transmission

Sound Sound Series 3M Pro SE / DL

The EVM series monitor is a compact device, easy to use, with the ability to simultaneously monitor in real time, various parameters of air quality and particles. Depending on the configuration, the following can be quantified: Particle mass concentration (PM2.5, PM10, PM4 or TSP), temperature, relative humidity, CO2, toxic gases, volatile organic compounds and air speed (optional).

The three monitor configuration options are:

EVM-7 Air and Particulate Monitor

  • Simultaneous measurement of gas and particle concentrations in real time.
  • A 25 or 37mm cassette filter allows sample capture for later laboratory analysis
    With external temperature and relative humidity sensor
  • CO2 sensor, PID and a toxic gas (CO, H2S, NO2, SO2, HCN among others).

EVM-3 Particle Monitor
Special for direct readings in real time of the concentration of particles.
It measures simultaneously: Particles (mass concentration PM2.5, PM10, PM4 or TSP), temperature and relative humidity.

EVM-4 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Configured for indoor air quality investigation, including dew point and air exchange rates.

Toxic gas (choice of one sensor among nine types), relative humidity, temperature and CO2