High volume sampler

High volume sampler for monitoring PM 2.5 – PM 10 – TSP

Instrument recommended by EPA for the measurement of particles according to air quality standards (40 CFR Part 50 Appendix B). Flow accuracy greater than 99%. Ability to connect a microprocessor that allows automatic, fast and accurate calibration, with the least user interaction, using a hole. The microprocessor allows continuous data storage (average temperature, minimum, maximum, barometric pressure, flow rate and total flow), flow adjustment for ambient or standard conditions (EPA). Data recovery via USB connection.

Additional information for High Vol model:

  • Flow rate: 1.13 m3
  • Filter for PM10: 8¨x 10 microcrystalline quartz
  • 30 water pressure gauge
  • 7-day mechanical timer
  • Sampling time remaining indicator

High Volume Sampler – Model TE-6070V


Additional information model High Vol +:

  • Automatic flow control
  • A timer allows programming of the sampling sequence
  • Information on sampling conditions is automatically stored every 5 minutes

Gravimetric monitor

Gravimetric monitor for ambient particles

Portable monitors for Reference Methods, EPA approved. Configuration for measurement of TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM coarse, PM1 and lead in the environment. Various power options: battery, connection to alternating current or solar panel. Flow control system and data download capability (software included). Cyclone VSCC to replace the impactor WINS for the determination of PM2.5. (EPA Designation No. RFPS-0498-116).

They use an air flow rate of 16.67 lpm, with measurement of ambient temperature and barometric pressure, for monitoring under real conditions. They integrate microprocessors and sophisticated flow control systems to keep the sampling parameters stable. These values ​​are continuously stored in memory. They use 47mm cassettes with specific membranes according to the type of particle.

Additional information model PQ200

  • With volumetric flow control.
  • Simple system to convert from PM 10 monitor to PM2.5 or TSP.
  • With LCD screen and menu option in Spanish.

Additional information Partisol

Volumetric flow control.
Simple sampling filter replacement system.
Power supply with alternating current.