Monitoring stations air quality

Integrated stations for continuous air quality monitoring. Equipment approved by the United States Protection Agency (US.EPA) for the analysis of pollutants in the air: particles and gases (CO, NOX, S02, 03, PM 2.5 & PM 10, Benzene). Data transmission capacity via Ethernet, GPRS and others. Data analysis using dedicated software for the environment.

Additional information: Continuous monitoring stations for particles and gases, installable in fixed units, buildings, or mobile units. Monitoring of air quality parameters, to establish an index of air quality in a locality. Integration of equipment and technologies, with a calibration system, to achieve a semi-autonomous unit, with a minimum of on-site attention.

Portable stations for monitoring air quality

Station for monitoring air quality, based on solid-state sensor technology, with superior performance to conventional electrochemical cells. Capable of measuring pollutants down to low concentrations (parts per billion -ppb).

The basic system measures CO, NO2, and O3 and there are optional sensors for C6H6, CH4, SO2, H2S, NH3. It has data storage and GSM modem (optional). The station requires little maintenance and is designed for outdoor installation (IP 55). A weather station, solar panel and data management software can be included in the system. Applications for air quality in cities, pollution from road construction, landfills, pollution control on property lines.

Additional Information:

Multi-component air quality monitor With PM10 particle monitoring option
Detection range of basic sensors: (CO: 0.1 -100 mg / m3), (NO2: 0.1- 500 µg / m3), (O3: 20-500 µg / m3).