Continuous emission monitoring systems

Continuous monitoring of emissions from the source (CEMS). Ability to integrate with other systems, standard connectivity options. Includes gas analyzers, probes, and other critical components for CEMS. Configurable to measure combinations of the following gases SO2, NOx, CO, TRS, NH3, HCl, THC, Hg, CO, O2, PM, H2S in addition to Flow and Opacity. Measurement ranges from 0 to 10ppm and 0 to 10,000ppm in full scale. Recommended for boilers, refineries, cement kilns, co-generation, incinerators, recovery boilers, turbines.

Additional CEMS information:

System components may include devices that use, among others, the following technologies:

  • Chemiluminescence: for the measurement of nitrogen compounds.
  • Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR): measurement of CO, CO2 and HCl.
  • Pulsed Fluorescence: Determination of SO2
  • Transmissometer: opacity monitoring