Cabinet for Audiometry

Fully portable Acoustic Systems brand cabinets, eliminate outside noise for a better analysis of patient perception. Available in different sizes, double walls and rolls at the bottom for easy transport.

ETS Lindgren Acoustic Systems Audiometry Booths

Cabins for conducting audiometry studies, with folding panels, double laminated glass windows, internal ventilation designed by acoustic engineering. It has 4 connectors each of ¼ in., In pre-wired stereo phono. Panels finished with electrostatic powder paint. Available in various sizes.

Model RA125

  • Vibration isolation system
  • Design adapted to small spaces
  • Audiometer connection port

Cabinet for Audiometry

MAICO audiometers are designed to cover a wide range of measurement needs, ranging from computer diagnostics, to stand-alone equipment, for general patients, or with particular requirements. MAICO has audiometers for screening (MA1, MA25, MA27), clinical or diagnostic audiometers (MA 33, MA40, MA41, MA42), as well as for specific applications, such as the newborn screening test (MB11 ), and the equipment for tympanometry and audiometry of children (RaceCarAudiotymp).

Model MA33

Designed to be used through a computer, you only need a USB connection. With no additional costs for paper consumption, all data is stored in the computer’s memory.

  • Operation of all parameters using mouse or keyboard
  • Bone conduction measurement and SISI test available
  • Standard accessories: headphones, USB cable, patient response control and software
  • Power supply via USB connection.