The AirCon-2 is a high volume sampler with a wide range, designed for particle sampling in the plant environment. It is ideal for sampling following NIOSH, OSHA or EPA methodology to evaluate environments, after processes and for monitoring of particles in ambient air. Available in a programmable version, which can be operated with a battery or current. It has a tripod with pole and hose, to keep the cassette filter at the desired sampling height.

  • Flow range: 2 to 30 LPM
  • Programmable for up to 3 continuous samples, up to a maximum of 99 hours
  • LCD display, external rotameter
  • Operating temperature: -20 oC to 45oC

3M EVM Series Monitor

The EVM series monitor is a compact device, easy to use, with the ability to simultaneously monitor in real time, various parameters of air quality and particles. Depending on the configuration, the following can be quantified: Particle mass concentration (PM2.5, PM10, PM4 or TSP), temperature, relative humidity, CO2, toxic gases, volatile organic compounds and air speed (optional).

The three monitor configuration options are:

EVM-7 Air and Particulate Monitor

Simultaneous measurement of gas and particle concentrations in real time.
A 25 or 37mm cassette filter allows sample capture for later laboratory analysis
With external temperature and relative humidity sensor
CO2 sensor, PID and a toxic gas (CO, H2S, NO2, SO2, HCN among others).

`Special for direct readings in real time of the concentration of particles.
It measures simultaneously: Particles (mass concentration PM2.5, PM10, PM4 or TSP), temperature and relative humidity.

EVM-4 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Configured for indoor air quality investigation, including dew point and air exchange rates. Measure:
Toxic gas (choice of one sensor among nine types), relative humidity, temperature and CO2

Particle Monitor

Attenuation Monitor Beta PM10, PM2.5 Thermo 5014i

Thermo Scientific Brand Model 5014i Beta Attenuation PM10 or PM2.5 Particulate Matter Monitor Automatic operation with minimal operator attention requirements. The only beta attenuation monitor on the market that measures continuously and in real time, without data gaps or excessive filter tape. It measures the radiation produced by Radon gas, which exists naturally in the environment, and subtracts this value from the measurement, in order to eliminate this interference. Internal datalogger that allows to store a year of 30-minute averages. Includes external calibration check kit, PM10 head and PM2.5 VSCCC cyclone with heated tube 2 meters above roof level (according to EPA standard).

EPA Approval Code For PM10 EQPM-1102-150.

EPA Approval Code For PM2.5 EQPM-0609-183.