The Thermo Scientific Portable Ambient Analyzer uses infrared spectroscopy to accurately measure multiple gases with one instrument. With a library of up to 120 gases, the wavelength range allows single gas or multiple gas monitoring as well as identification of unknown compounds, making the MIRAN SapphIRe the most versatile gas detection system on the market today. . Applications can be in industrial hygiene, emergency response, indoor air quality studies, anesthesia gases, gas trace studies in fume hoods, and leak detection for maintenance processes.

Additional information about the Miran ShapiRe:

  • Flow rate: 14 L / min
  • Sample cell volume: 2.23 L
  • Response time: 18 seconds to 90% of final reading
  • Analysis time: 20 sec at one wavelength; 50 sec at 5 wavelengths; 165 sec in a spectrum sweep
  • Real-time compensation for temperature, humidity, reference and pressure.
  • ThermoConnect software facilitates data transfer, analysis and configuration.