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EPSI is based in Northwest New Jersey. We have been in the industry since 2001.

We are a sales, service and solutions company that specializes in the Environment. We are distributors of the line of monitors, environmental process analyzers and systems for the industry.

Our product specialties include EPA continuous emission monitoring systems, process monitoring, and pure water monitoring solutions. EPSI offers sales solutions to North America and Latin America. Our representatives at EPSI also speak Spanish. Our professionals offer instrumentation services with exclusive applications, according to your needs.

We are specialists in the provision of equipment for environmental analysis, we are a pioneer company in this field in Latin America, we have provided technology to the main industries in Latin America, we have the representation of the best companies that manufacture this type of equipment and instrumentation. Our specialty has been shown in all environmental fields: air, soil, water, stationary and mobile sources, urban monitoring, etc.

  • Our staff includes engineers to help you choose the right product for your application.
  • We offer customer support via phone and email.
  • We are specialists in the provision of equipment
  • We are distributors of monitors, environmental process analyzers and systems for industry.
  • EPSI offers sales solutions to North America and Latin America.



51 West Main Street
3rd Floor Unit 6A.
Rockaway, NJ 07866 EE.UU.
Tel: 973-970-5998
Fax: 973-957-0652


Bogota Colombia
Avenida Carrera 68 # 33-05
Tel 57-310-7889750

Barranquilla Colombia
Tel 57-310-6233387


Quito, Ecuador
Tel 593-98 890 1856


Villanueva,  Ciudad de  Guatemala
Tel  502-4737-9443

Environmental Health Environment Health We offer equipment for environmental monitoring of air quality. Gravimetric or real-time measurement of particles and gas measurement. Equipment for baseline monitoring, USEPA-based monitoring, and online monitoring. Automated stations, with remote data transmission capacity. Equipment for measuring electric and magnetic fields. Occupational Hygiene Occupational HYGIENE We offer Instruments for measurements in the area of ​​occupational hygiene. Area monitors and equipment for noise dosimetry, thermal stress, vibrations in humans, particles and gases in the air. Luxmeters. Occupational Health OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH We Offer equipment for medical surveillance, Audiometers and cabins for audiometry, spirometers, breathalyzers and ionizing radiation monitors. Data storage and printing options aswell. Calibrators CALIBRATORS Equipment for flow calibration and temperature and barometric pressure variables. Primary calibrators for environmental and occupational hygiene applications. Portable and easy to use and maintain dry and bubble equipment to comply with standard methodologies. Calibrators CALIBRATORS We have equipment for measurement of ventilation parameters, indoor air quality, efficiency of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems. Portable and fixed systems for differential pressure measurement in rooms with controlled environments. COMFORT