Who We Are

EPSI is based in Northwest New Jersey. We have been in the Environmental Engineering industry since 2001.

We are a sales, service and solutions company that specializes in the Environment. We are distributors of monitors, environmental process analyzers and systems for the industry.

EPSI offers sales solutions to North America and Latin America. Our representatives at EPSI also speak Spanish. Our professionals offer instrumentation services with exclusive applications, according to your needs.  Read More…

Our product specialties include:

  • EPA continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Process monitoring
  • Pure water monitoring solutions

High Quality Standards

High quality of products and services to be supplied to our customers.

Educated & Experienced Team

Our teams are passionate on making our products work you for.

Engineers on Staff

Our staff includes engineers to help you choose the right product for your application.

Customer Support

We offer customer support via phone and email.

Our Products

Fixed and Mobile air quality monitoring stations

Integrated stations for continuous air quality monitoring. Equipment approved by the United States Protection Agency (US. EPA) for the analysis of pollutants in the air: particles and gases

Gas measuring instruments

It is a portable and lightweight aerosol monitor, which gives mass readings in real time, thanks to a light scattering laser photometer. It has data storage capacity and is battery operated.

Isokinetic Sampling Train

The most advanced sample train in the industry is suitable for isokinetic particle testing. Taking as reference the norms, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

Automatic gas and particulate matter analyzers

Analyzers Air quality monitoring: Automatic Analyzers provides comprehensive solutions for your air quality monitoring needs, both in emissions and immissions …

Gravimetric monitor for ambient particles

Portable monitors for Reference Method, EPA approved. With option of using battery or connection to alternating current or solar panel. Configuration for measurement of TSP, PM10, PM2.5, PM coarse, PM1 and lead in the environment.

Continuous emission monitoring systems

Continuous monitoring of emissions from the source (CEMS). Ability to integrate with other systems, standard connectivity options. Includes gas analyzers, probes, and other critical components for CEMS. Configurable to measure combinations.

Analytical Instrumentation

Non-ionizing radiation monitor

Continuous emission monitoring systems

Equipment for Water Control and Treatment

Airborne Particle Monitors

Air quality gas analyzer

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